Terms of Use is a lawful agreement between the official app owner (“the owner”, “we”, “our”, etc.) and the user of FlashFind. It was created in order to prevent conflicts between the participants, possible law disputes and other undesirable aftermaths. This text is meant to establish strict rules and regulate lawful relationships between the user and the owner.

Both sides of this agreement should accept all the mentioned terms and fully agree with them. If the user installs this application and starts using it, then he guarantees that he is aware of the core of this text and all its parts. Otherwise, the user is forbidden to continue using FlashFind. If he doesn’t want to accept any statement from the list, then he has to delete the app right away.

Please, pay attention, that the user accepts all the terms automatically the moment he installs our application. We recommend everyone to read the entire document thoroughly to be aware of all the rules.

The service may be denied in the following cases:

  • The user denies following the prescribed in this agreement statements.
  • He disobeys any of them either wittingly or accidentally.
  • The user commits actions from the list of prohibitions mentioned in the following paragraph.
  • He uses FlashFind illegally.

The user is strictly prohibited to:

  • Modify the program or just its parts.
  • Deal with the source code of FlashFind for any purposes.
  • Extract the source code.
  • Copy the application or its parts.
  • Distribute or just use the created copy of FlashFind.
  • Destroy the app in any ways.
  • Damage it physically or via any technical or digital methods.
  • Commit any violating actions.

The user should pay attention, that all the actions from the list of prohibitions are punished by law! We reserve the right to complain to a competent local authority in case the user wittingly or accidentally violates the owner’s rights or performs any illegal, destroying actions related to the application.

Terms of Use update

Terms of Use document may be updated without notification at any moment. This can be done only by the official app owner. He is allowed to apply changes as many times as needed without any limitation. The owner can update any part of this agreement or the entire text. He also doesn’t have to notify the user about any changes directly via email, in-app notification and any other ways. The only required way of notifying is sharing a new document. The updated text of the agreement should be published on this website. Only the user is responsible for learning an updated text version, as it becomes legitimate the day or sharing.