FlashFind is your new smart helper that makes it possible to find any Bluetooth device!

Don’t be afraid of losing anything forever, as our app will track the location of every missed gadget and will help you find it immediately! By installing this app, you will get a huge number of tools to search for devices!

What are the main benefits of FlashFind?

Our app will help you find any lost Bluetooth device in a blink of an eye. There is no need to spend hours searching for headphones, fitness tracker and so on.
You can add all the gadgets to the personal list of Bluetooth devices we provided you with.
It is possible to locate the place, where your AirPods or any other gadgets were last seen.

Why is our app so useful?

FlashFind is absolutely compatible with all the types of Bluetooth gadgets. You can use it to look for everything: headphones, earbuds, Smart Watch, iPencil, fitness tracker, etc.
The special sound will help you to locate the lost device in seconds! Just follow the sound while it is getting louder.
FlashFind will show you the real time distance to the accessory you are looking for. The number of meters changes if you get closer.

We have prepared more super features!

Your personal collection of Bluetooth accessories is unlimited, so you can add as many devices as needed to the list.
Simple interface! We tried to create the most user-friendly and intuitively-understandable interface for you to enjoy the searching.
Our program is well-developed, so it won’t disappoint you with permanent errors, lagging or any other unpleasant things.

This isn’t a full list of FlashFind’s benefits! Just explore the app and you will be surprised!