The official owner of FlashFind application (“the owner”, “we”, “our”, etc.) created this Privacy Policy document in order to establish clear and lawful relationships between the user and the owner. The main aim of this text is to inform the user about all the details and important rules connected with personal data collecting, processing and sharing, user’s rights and so on.

Please, notice, that the user accepts all the mentioned in the agreement statements automatically if he installs the product! We recommend the user to read this text thoroughly and renew the current web page regularly to be aware of any changes and prevent any unpleasant aftermaths.

Privacy Policy updates

This is the only legitimate text version. However, it can be updated by the app owner without prior notification for unlimited number of times. The owner reserves the right to update the entire text, as well as its parts. The update means changing the text partly or fully, replacing it with another one and performing any other actions that lead to text modification.

Please, notice, that the updated text version becomes legitimate the day of publishing! The user of FlashFind should renew the current web page regularly. If the user disagrees with any updated term, then he has to inform the app owner about this case.

Platforms we use

In order to distribute our product effectively, we need to refer specially designed platforms. The only platform for FlashFind distribution is App Store, designed by Apple Inc. It provides the owner with the number of tools and data for convenient distribution, marketing campaigns setting, analytics, statistics, etc.

Which data do we collect?

The owner of FlashFind needs to collect some of your personal and non-personal information to provide you with the best service.
Some information is collected automatically. This data lets us provide the best service according to your device, so we receive the following facts: IP address, browser and device characteristics, operating system version, language, device name, location and other technical facts.
All the mentioned data may be obtained automatically or received from a variety of sources. We also have a right to gather the information you give us (wittingly or accidentally) by contacting our representatives, Support, etc.

Retention time

The app owner has a right to store the user’s personal data for as long period as it’s necessary. He can also keep the supplied data, which was required for time limited promotional offers. If the user requests for a full information removal or deletes our program, then the stored data will be removed from our database.
Please, pay attention, that in case the owner is ordered to keep the user’s information for a longer period by competent authorities, he has to obey in order to comply with a legal obligation.

Purposes of data usage

The information we collect helps us to solve many business issues and improve the service. Basically, we need it for:

  • Customizing the service we provide you with to make the usage more convenient and user-oriented.
  • Ensuring the safety of our product (including the application and the website). The data we gather or receive helps us to prevent unauthorized monitoring and other undesirable things connected with safety.
  • Statistical and analytical services we refer.
  • In-app promotional offers and other kinds of advertising.

We do not share your personal or non-personal information with third-parties for not mentioned purposes, unless we are ordered to do so by court or another competent authority.


We use cookies to provide the user with an appropriate service. We apply cookies and similar tracking technologies to track the user’s activity on our website. There is a need to hold certain facts to make the usage more comfortable for our consumers. The cookies' policy is applied, when the user visits the official website of FlashFind app.
What is the cookie itself? This is a small data file placed on your device, which tracks the information about your online activity (website you visit, goods you search for, etc). Cookie files help us track user’s individual preferences and needs. In addition, we use them in order to provide the user with an appropriate level of service, holding that information, which is meant to make the usage customized. The owner of FlashFind doesn’t share this information to third-parties. Furthermore, he doesn’t use it for not mentioned purposes.

Data safety

The owner of FlashFind ensures the user that all the gathered facts are stored in a secure place. He is responsible for providing the highest level of data protection, applying any possible methods. Although, he always strives to provide an absolute data safety, there are no ideal methods exist. No digital or physical measures can fully guarantee an appropriate level of data protection.

The list of required permissions

  • Bluetooth access. It’s impossible to use the application without permitting access to Bluetooth, as all the accessories can be located only with its help.
  • Location access. This permission lets us locate your device, so it is possible to use all the parts of our service, including “real time distance” and others.

All these permissions are required only for proper work of our application. Not accepting them makes the further usage impossible, as FlashFind won’t be able to work correctly and provide the user with the service.

User’s rights

The user should be fully aware of his rights connected with data gathering, using and sharing.

  1. The user has a right to know which personal and non-personal data will be collected by the app owner; for which purposes do we need to gather the information about the user and the device; in which way it will be processed and shared. The user can always request the owner for providing him with a copy of stored data.
  2. The user reserves the right to cancel any permission, which was given before and is connected with data usage. He is also able to access the stored data after an official request and the owner’s permission. This procedure may require personality verifying to identify the user and keep the information safe from unauthorized access.
  3. If there is a need to correct or delete a non-relevant information, the user can contact the app owner asking him to update the stored data, adding new statements and deleting non-accurate ones.
  4. The user can also forbid further usage of his personal and non-personal data. In this case the app owner is allowed only to gather and keep the information.
  5. The user has a right to object data usage if there are any kinds of violating actions related to the collected personal data noticed. The user is free to refer a competent authority to protect his data and rights lawfully.
  6. Any permissions, which are required for the correct work of FlashFind and are mentioned in a paragraph above, may be canceled by the user. Nevertheless, in such a case the app may lose its functionality, so the further usage of service will be impossible.

Is there more information needed?

The user has a right to request the owner for information if he can’t find the required terms in the paragraphs above. The user is always welcome to contact the app owner via any available contacts from the corresponding page of this website.